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Website creation

Do you need to create a new website or redesign your current site? To put yourself in the best conditions, it is important to follow the creation steps carefully and to avoid mistakes that could penalize you.

In this new article, we provide you with a list of 6 classic mistakes not to make in your web project. For a website that performs well and is well positioned on search engines, follow our advice!

The most common mistake among small businesses is to want to create a new website without having defined a specific objective. Creating a showcase for your business is one thing, having a powerful platform that will bring you new leads and visibility is another. This is why it is essential to define your objectives precisely, such as:

For several years, the user experience has become an essential element for websites. The user experience  is the fact of making navigation on your website pleasant and intuitive for your visitors.

To do this, you must put yourself in the shoes of your customers, your visitors, in order to be able to offer them the best possible experience. The content must therefore be readable and pleasant to read, the pages must flow naturally, the images and videos must be attractive, etc.

Technical elements such as page loading time or the weight of your images and videos are also integral parts of the user experience.

More and more, mobile browsing is becoming a priority over computer browsing. Users increasingly tend to go to the web with their mobiles or tablets. This is why it is essential when creating a website to think about mobile and tablet versions.

In 2018, Google had already started to highlight websites whose mobile versions are performing more prominently in search results.

Your website must therefore be perfectly “responsive”, that is to say adapted not only to computer screens but also to tablets and different mobiles.

Not optimizing your site for search engines

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  is the most profitable long-term source of traffic to get visitors to your website. For your website to appear in the first search results on Google, it must necessarily take into account the issues and SEO techniques of search engines.

To optimize your website, there are many techniques, of which here are some examples:

Define relevant keywords  for each of your pages and create your content from them; with a certain keyword density, structured and relevant titles…

Optimize your website tags  : “meta” tags are tags that allow Google and search engines to understand what your page is about and to reference your content. Your pages must therefore contain a meta-title with keywords, a meta-description that will appear on search engines and that presents your subject…

Optimize the visuals  : For Google to understand what your images illustrate, you must create alt tags that describe your image with ideally one or more keywords

Optimize the navigation of your website

Create a linking strategy  : to strengthen the credibility of your site, it must contain external links (which redirect to other websites), and internal links (which redirect to other pages of your website) .

By working on the SEO optimization of your website, you can in the long term obtain greater traffic and better position yourself in search results on Google and search engines.

Having poor navigation

Is it easy and enjoyable to achieve the primary desired goal when a user visits your website? You must be able to answer yes. Otherwise, you will have to review the navigation of your website with a coherent structure (a services section with one page per service, a who we are section, for example).

Your site can be very beautiful and linked to a well-targeted and effective web marketing campaign, if the navigation of your website is complicated, you will lose your visitors and therefore potential customers.

Not having tracking tools

Once the creation of your website is complete, it is essential to be able to have powerful monitoring tools; this in order to be able to follow your traffic, understand where your visitors come from, or even quickly identify potential errors.

The data collected using these monitoring tools will allow you to identify opportunities to meet your initial objectives. Google tracking tools such as  Google Analytics  and  Google Search Console  offer you the possibility of collecting a lot of very precise data; you will be able to regularly monitor the results you obtain

Copying competitors

The search engine algorithm is no longer based solely on the content of your website or on the quality of your external links. Search engines like Google particularly highlight new content that answers questions that users may have.

Content copied entirely from a competing website will always end up being penalized on Google. This is why it is necessary to take time to work on its content, to bring something new and to have something unique.

Not using Dubuc Marketing for the creation of your website

Think you need help avoiding the mistakes we’ve listed? At Dubuc Marketing, we have been specialists in website creation for over 15 years. Always on the lookout for new web trends, we support SMEs and entrepreneurs in the creation of websites. Our objective ? Bring you visibility and traffic on your website to promote your business on search engines.

Are you looking for an expert in website creation in Pau or the Basque Country? We have all the cards in hand for the creation of a tailor-made website, the creation of content optimized for search engines and day-to-day support to bring your website to life. Our graphic artists, our designers and our web team will allow you to achieve the objectives you have set for yourself by offering you a high-performance and eye-catching showcase for your business.

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