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Do you want to inspire confidence around your business and master your online communication? You really need to design a website. Having become essential in the web marketing strategy of any company, this tool offers many advantages. In addition to its main function which is to present your company and its services, the website highlights your know-how and your products, increases your visibility, increases your notoriety, to prospect.

It makes your business prosper. However, all this is only possible if you have a site made according to the rules of the art. Yes ! You should know that a poorly designed website will in no way allow you to achieve the desired result. Discover here some mistakes that you absolutely must avoid committing if you really want to create a quality website.

Create a site without specific objectives

This is the most common mistake among beginners. We do not create a site just to follow the trend. Before creating a website, you must first define your expectations and objectives. These will serve as a guide to the creation of your website. They are divided into several areas, namely:

Defining these objectives is an essential step that will allow you to build an effective site and a communication tool that meets the needs of your customers.

Do not hire professionals

It is possible today to create a website through online tools. However, it is better to call on a real professional in website creation if you have specific functionalities to set up on your website. Using a Casablanca website creation agency will allow you to avoid unpleasant surprises when putting your site online.

By collaborating with specialized professionals, you have the certainty of achieving your objectives as quickly as possible with the guarantee of quality work for a rapid return on investment. You will benefit from a tailor-made website, adapted to your needs. Also, the agency offers you long-term support to refine and develop your digital strategy.

Not integrating an seo strategy when designing the site

Many people take the risk of ignoring the SEO strategy when creating the website. Some do it in order to save on their budget and others think to do it once the site goes live. This is an error to be avoided. Indeed, it is essential to think about your SEO strategy before even making the models of your website.

From the start of the creation of the site, your SEO strategy will impact your choice of keywords, your titles, your descriptions, your content, etc. You will benefit from saving time and a quality site by integrating natural referencing from the start. This will allow you to acquire more traffic. In addition, your site will not be indexed by Google in its search engine.

For your information, an indexed site naturally and free of charge attracts 10 to 100 times more visitors. In the end, a site without natural referencing even if it is the most beautiful in the world will not be able to benefit you in any way.

Not taking care of the appearance of your site

The design of your site is a decisive criterion in its success once put online. You will have no chance of attracting the attention of visitors or retaining them if you do not take care of your graphics and the structure of your site. It is not uncommon to notice that many website operators lose sight of important aspects such as clarity or readability of texts by striving for a recognizable design among all.

As such, they make mistakes such as using too many fonts and very different sizes, color combinations that make reading difficult. These errors make visitors doubt your professionalism and credibility.

Ignore loading time

Whether for visitors or Google robots, the loading time of a page is of paramount importance. In reality, too long a loading time alters the user experience. When your site’s bounce rate is high, visitors will turn to the competition. In addition, a site characterized by great slowness shows a negative signal at Google.

For sure, this will have an impact on your positioning in search engines. To avoid these inconveniences, when designing the site, you must identify the factors affecting the loading of your website. It can be a complex source code, images with too heavy a weight or in a non-optimized format, a server or hosting problem.

Before putting your site online, it must be tested to ensure that it has an optimal loading time of less than 2 seconds.

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