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The referencing of its website and its content is undoubtedly a mandatory step to ensure visibility and develop its online business. SEO mainly consists in optimizing its web pages so that they obtain a good positioning on search engines.

However, SEO does not stop there! many criteria impact the positioning of a site and its content, on an engine like Google. To work on an entire SEO strategy, it is therefore recommended to call on an SEO agency .

Why use an SEO agency for your SEO?

There are different experts in the field of SEO or similar, each with its own specificities. Firstly, the SEO agency which has many advantages, especially on complex projects and/or starting from scratch. She can work on all aspects of an SEO strategy and intervene upstream of a project as well as during and after.

SEO consultant on SEO agency

The SEO freelancer, who can intervene on an existing site in its technical and editorial aspects. We will come back later. Then we have the web editor who is focused on the content to be optimized in order to be published on a site. He does not intervene on the technical part in SEO nor on SEO audits or traffic analyzes in particular. Note that an SEO agency may also have web writers on its team.

One can evoke indirectly and lastly; netlinking platforms . They work on the sale of links or backlinks mainly, in order to improve the referencing of the contents of a website. Netlinking helps develop a site’s authority and has a direct impact on referral traffic, which is one of the main sources of web traffic. Platforms can also offer their SEO content writing services in some cases.

The SEO agency will thus be the most suitable structure to respond to all projects, covering the technical aspects and content optimization for a site. Several experts can thus work together on a project within the agency.

The areas of intervention and skills of an SEO agency

Here are some areas of intervention of an SEO agency as well as its skills, on all the aspects that require work to improve the SEO of a website and its pages. It is therefore easy to understand that a single person, such as an SEO freelancer, could not offer all of these services together, unless he spent months there or outsourced certain tasks.

However, an SEO freelancer will be able to intervene on the consulting part and on more or less long one-off operations. He can even refer his client to an SEO agency when necessary.

SEO advice and strategy

An SEO agency also aims to work on the consulting and strategic part to support its customers. This work carried out upstream of a project guarantees future actions to be deployed, while educating and informing the client of the merits of SEO and the results .

SEO advice

It should be noted that the main obstacle is often linked to these expected results, sometimes too early. SEO is a job that takes place over time and this is undoubtedly the first point that must be made clear to its customers. An agency will have the elements of language and the arguments to succeed in selling a global SEO strategy in order to cover all the needs of its clientele.

SEO strategies focus on structure, optimization, content, keyword research, analysis etc. and as such, SEO agencies such as Ads-Up, to name just one, will be able to support you on your projects, even complex ones.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO integrates different things and necessarily requires skills in programming languages, website structure, reading logs, errors reported by Google Search Console and their repair, etc.

An example of technical SEO when it comes to deploying the structure of a site, is the ability to create it on the principle of semantic cocoon and/or siloing. This requires special skills and real expertise between site structure and finding the right keywords.

Website audits

When it comes to optimizing an existing site and improving it, it is necessary to go through an upstream audit. It is a question of listing all the possible errors encountered and they can be very numerous; broken links, insecure pages, duplicate meta descriptions, slowdowns, poor content etc.

Analyze and audit SEO

Here again you have to be able to intervene, and at the same time, master many SEO tools. They will aim to detect all these errors and work on many other points such as the level of authority of a site, its volume of backlinks and their quality, and many other aspects.

Mastery of SEO tools

There is an impressive amount of SEO tools , some of which are essential and / or highly appreciated by some SEO experts. Among them SEMRush; the Swiss army knife of SEO which brings together in itself a set of features including SEO audits, which must therefore be mastered. An equivalent to SEMRush, less pointed but which is nevertheless very good; Ubersuggest.

There is also MOZ, Majectic SEO, Yooda and for technical SEO experts; Screaming Frog. Some of these licenses cost several thousand euros a year, and it would therefore be difficult for a freelancer or independent SEO to obtain them, although these tools are essential.

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