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I didn’t really decide to be a blogger. I also started to travel completely incognito, without a camera. I was afraid of other people’s eyes, almost ashamed to take advantage of the beauty of this world instead of working like everyone else. And then, little by little, I had to create a Facebook page, then I discovered Instagram… then a friend scolded me a few months ago because I still didn’t have a site… and voila! I now find myself here telling you about my life

Unfortunately, in reality, it doesn’t really happen that way. The few bloggers I know who make a living from it have been in the business for a few years already. In any case for me, this is not the case! Luckily I have my box nearby.

If you are addicted to numbers, know that you become influential when you pass the bar of 10,000 followers. But I strongly advise against focusing on numbers. You should do this for fun first and foremost! Successful bloggers all have one thing in common: they are passionate people who have worked hard.

Be yourself

This is THE most important point. Be yourself. Someone is bound to like who you are. Above all, do not try to copy what you have seen elsewhere. It might work for a while, then it will show. You can’t cheat with that. But have confidence in yourself, you will quickly create your visual style, your own universe, find your niche.

And that’s when you’re really going to have fun: today my subscribers know that I love flamingo floats, and so people regularly send me photos of this proud little animal. I am always delighted with these little touches. If you read me, thank you friends!

However, do not hesitate to take inspiration on Instagram  for your next photos. Instagram is a mine of information, and looking at the photos is bound to give you ideas. It often happens to me to save images that I find original, to redo them in my own way.

A site will quickly become essential: casually, it gives you much more credibility as a blogger. Some brands will, for example, offer you to write articles or talk about an event.

You have probably heard of WordPress before. It is free blogging software. But which one to choose? .com or . org? Simplicity or freedom? is the solution to simplicity . You don’t need to download software, pay for hosting, or manage a web server. Instead, you can focus on creating content but only with what is provided to you! You will therefore have to comply with the constraints of the chosen theme.

With, you can install themes and plugins, advertise, modify the database and even modify the PHP code that powers your site. This is the solution I chose. I’m not a PHP pro though! I also went through a theme, which stuck to my desires.

Respect yourself

That’s it, you are launched as a blogger, and you are starting to be approached.

Don’t accept anything. Only talk about things you really believe in. Your followers will see it immediately if you’re not being honest with them.

And be generous!

I talk about a lot of things on my blog: drone, gopro,… yet, I pay full price for my equipment, like everyone else. But I do it because I like the work of a certain brand, or because the idea of ​​an entrepreneur touched me and I want to give it a little boost, or because a hotelier got out of a bad place during a trip.

You have to give to receive. If you really like a brand, talk about it, and hopefully it will give you something back.

Moreover concerning the small boxes: you will see that it is always very gratifying to speak about them! Systematically they will come to thank you in person.

Facebook? Instagram? Youtube?

Instagram is the tool most viewed by brands. Take care of it, we are watching you: we look at the quality of your photos. The Story system on Insta is also very powerful: remember to show your backstage!

Facebook is in my opinion a much more practical tool to discuss with your community. This is also where I post my videos. For what? Because they will be much more visible than if I simply shared a Youtube link.

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